The Skye Van Bloem
Young Adult Sci-fi Fantasy with Environmental Themes
                 Book One: Countdown

    The fate of the planet hinges on the words of one girl.

Polar ice caps are melting. Whole ecosystems are being destroyed. Wildlife is being carelessly slaughtered.

 Eighteen-year-old Skye Van Bloem didn't create the environmental crisis facing our planet, but she’s angry about
it. What upsets her the most is that with the exception of her two best friends, hardly anyone else on Earth seems
to care.

But Skye's about to discover that she's not alone. A race of technologically advanced aliens called Beholders have
offered the animals of Earth a chance to determine the fate of the biggest threat facing the planet: humanity itself.
According to an unlikely emissary from the animal world—a snarky prairie dog—only Skye can convince them that
humans can change and start protecting the environment instead of destroying it.

Now, nothing is as it seemed. As Skye’s adventures take her from the mountains of Colorado to the forests and
fiords of New Zealand, she’s not sure who she can trust—her own grandmother, new friends, strange animal
guides, or the handsome Beholder who just might be in love with her. But Skye’s biggest worry is herself: can
someone as skeptical of humankind as she is become their greatest champion?         

She doesn't have long to decide. The countdown has started.
Countdown is on the Eco-fiction booklist
AND is...
2019 Green Earth Book Award
Long List Winner
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